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You don’t want to travel to an exotic land to stay in boring commercialized hotels. With the years of living in Morocco, we offer you an authentic, personalized experience in Morocco that you will remember forever. Start customizing your journey today!

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    10 Days

    The Grand Morocco Tour

    This 10-days morocco itinerary features a perfect mix of history, culture, adventure, and relaxation, explore imperial cities, High Atlas Mountains, Berber villages, Sahara Desert landscapes, and coastal ramparts. Start in Tangier and Chefchaouen in northern side of Morocco before working your way south to Fes, through the Atlas Mountains and over the Desert, to end your private morocco tour in Marrakech after a day trip to Essaouira.

    09 Days

    The Best of Morocco Tour

    The Best of Morocco is one of our most popular Morocco tour packages, it is specifically designed for the first-time travelers. Explore Morocco driving through the classic routes of Morocco filled with Morocco’s beautiful oases, delightful Kasbahs, and enchanting Berber villages. Your private tour will not just take you from Casablanca to the Medieval city of Fez, Sahara Desert and crossing Atlas Mountains to end in Marrakech, but it will be one of the most memorable experiences that you’ll relish for the rest of your lives! Turn this itinerary into your personal dream trip. To modify this itinerary just enter your travel details and get a personal quote. It’s completely customizable!

    11 Days

    Jewish Heritage Tour

    This Moroccan Jewish tour has more to offer than just a pretty sight of Morocco, it is a great learning opportunity matched with an enriched serving of Moroccan Jewish heritage on the side and the starry Sahara Desert experience (with a luxurious night under private tent in the luxury camp), a beautiful Sephardic presence and a sweet, welcoming locals.  Visit Morocco and taste the famous Moroccan Jewish cuisine by opting for, Kosher food options or Shabbat services Paired with the option of tailor-making your experience of the Moroccan Jewish majestic tour to fit your requirements and interests, however, the duration of your in-depth Jewish heritage or the activities you’d like to indulge in.

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